“ I’ve seen this district grow, change, and progress most of my life, and I know what kind of leadership we need at this moment to truly represent all of us."


- Darrin Madison


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Dear Neighbors,

My name is Darrin Madison, I was born and raised in Milwaukee, and I've lived in the 10th district for the past 15 years. I have worked to be a strong advocate for youth voice, education, climate change/sustainability, youth justice reform, and economic development. 


I'm running to be our next representative of the 10th Assembly District because this district has a legacy of being led by truly progressive leaders in Wisconsin, and that legacy should be honored. I have an expectation that our government serves as a mechanism for communities to thrive and the state legislature has not focused on that since 2009. I also believe that the solutions to the problems that are profoundly plaguing our communities are in the hands of those most affected by the issues. That is why I decided to fight for the change we all want in this state. 

Our district deserves leadership that can align the interest of Glendale, Milwaukee, and Shorewood. The need for bold, progressive leadership that can uplift residents' concerns throughout the district through legislative action is paramount, and I will be that kind of leader. 


Darrin Madison


Keeping our communities safe 


Environmental Sustainability


I'm always looking to hear from you about your ideas to strengthen our community.  Send me a message here and I'll get in touch.

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