“ I’ve seen this district grow, change, and progress most of my life, and I know what kind of leadership we need at this moment to truly represent all of us."


- Darrin Madison


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Earlier today, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Roe v. Wade, a decision which protected a woman's right to choose when she is ready to have a child. In a concurring opinion, Justice Thomas supported reconsidering other personal rights. In addition, the Court also overturned a New York state gun safety law earlier this week.

When we live in communities where guns have more protection than people of all ages, we are in trouble. Roe v. Wade was the only thing standing between Wisconsinites and an archaic 1849 law that bans abortions in almost all circumstances. And we can see it clearly today as the significance of this moment sets in.

What I am doing with my shock and outrage is campaigning harder for the needs of the 10th Assembly District of Wisconsin. If we are to have any success in moving forward to a safer, healthier, more equitable state for all citizens, it will be through broad coalitions of people who share these values. I have been building and standing alongside these types of coalitions and community organizations since age 9, and have seen progress. It is what I do because I believe in us.

Join me in re-focusing on protecting the rights of others and removing barriers to health, wellbeing, and justice. Support my campaign, knock on doors, vote absentee or in-person by August 9th. This election is one step toward the future. Let's take it together.


Darrin Madison Statement On Roe V. Wade:



Congresswoman Gwen Moore

Sen. Chris Larson

Rep. David Bowen

Rep. Supreme Moore Omokunde

Sandy Pasch - Former Rep.

Marvin Pratt - Former Mayor

County Supervisor Ryan Clancy

County Supervisor Juan Miguel

Sam Coleman - Shorewood Sch. Dist Former Dir.

Paru Shah - Shorewood School Board President

Emily Berry - Shorewood School Board Vice President 

Ann McKaig - Shorewood Village Board of Trustees President 

Rick Banks - Community Organizer 

Solana Patterson-Ramos - Political and Community Organizer

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