“My position on our community's needs is clear. I’m prepared to act on solutions that meet our needs and improve our lives.” 
 - Darrin Madison

Creating Safe Communities

  • Reduce domestic violence by making sure that victims have a way out: access to food, clothing, and shelter without depending on their abusers.

  • Reduce reckless driving by investing in infrastructure improvements that make roads safer for all.

  • Fight for a fair deal so that the City & County have the resources they need to invest in people (A equitable distribution of shared revenue in the state of Wisconsin).

  • Support/Fully fund wrap-around programs (Mental Health, Education Support, and services to show our youth that there are better options than violence and theft.

  • Work towards providing universal mental health care so that cost isn’t a factor in people getting the help that they need.

  • Expedite the removal of lead pipes and lead paint in homes. Gun violence and many health issues are directly correlated in our communities. 

  • Support the requirement that you need to be licensed to carry a gun.  To have a license requires a background check, training, and demonstrated capacity to use it properly.



  • Universal Single-Payer Health Care

  • Rebuild trust in the medical system

  • Set a fair price for health care services at 200% of the Medicare payment rate, gradually lowering to match Medicare rates over time.

  • Measures to crack down on pharmaceutical price gouging and use all available state leverage to set a reasonable and affordable price for all prescription medications.

  • Transition in stages to BadgerCare for All, to guarantee that everyone in Wisconsin has high-quality public health coverage.

  • COVID:

    • Give out free K(N95s) & home tests

    • Support mask mandates for businesses

    • Highly encouraging vaccinations

    • Support the right of entities to mandate vaccines to be employed, enter a business, etc.

    • Automatic alert system for to prevent the spread of COVID: certain levels of mask mandates, contact tracing, quarantines, lockdowns, etc.

  • Economic Development/Taxation 

    • Support and promote workers' collective bargaining and the right to unionize

    • Ensure every parent has access to affordable, high-quality childcare services

    • Support the development of small businesses as well as cooperatively owned businesses 

    • Eliminating tipped wages in favor of a minimum $15 wage

    • Dramatically increasing refundable tax rebates for working Wisconsinites and low-income seniors such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and Homestead credit.

    • Raise the minimum wage to at least $15 and continue to re-examine 

    • Supporting publicly owned Utilities including internet 

    • The establishment of a Wisconsin Model of Public Banking​


  • Change the state's outdated finding equation for education by eliminating property taxes as a key factor. When state funding equations use property taxes as an indicator of success this disproportionately affects impoverished communities. We should explore a progressive funding system. 

  • Ensure Voucher/Non-Instrumentality Charter schools in the state of Wisconsin are held to the same standard that Public Schools are unilaterally.

    • Ensure Voucher/Non-Instrumentality Charter schools can not discriminate against youth with Mental Health struggles by mandating they accept and fully resource these young people. 

  • Prevent the establishment of any more instrumentality charters and phase out voucher programming in the state of Wisconsin or establish that entities receiving voucher funding be held to the same standard public institutions are.

  • Attract the next generation of educators by incentivizing recruitment of educators of color by school districts and resources to provide nationally competitive starting wages. 

  • Re-examine the standard of nutrition in school lunches, setting a new state standard that provides real nutrient-dense, locally sourced meals for students.

  • Establish a living wage for all School Food Service/ School Janitor staff in the state of Wisconsin. 


  • Building a robust network of modern public housing, 1000’s of units would reduce the cost of housing for all - new units & fixing existing houses

  • Supporting  affordable homeownership, with down payment assistance, cooperative housing, Community Land Trusts

  • Strengthening Tenant Protection by recognize tenants unions and institutionalize tenant bill of rights

  • Stopping gentrification by property taxes are only increased larger than inflation after-sale or property transfer

    • Land Value Taxes 


  • Invest more into more Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems which is a high-quality bus-based transit system that delivers fast, comfortable, and cost-effective services at metro-level capacities

  • Invest more Off-Road Light Rail to connect our state more easily

  • Investing in Protected Bike Lanes and off-road trails

  • Investing in Regional Transit for southeast Wisconsin 

Environmental Sustainability

  • Promote urban & sustainable agriculture through public/private partnerships 

  • Incentivize Zero waste in Wisconsin: reduce, reuse, recycle, compost (universal city: all residents and businesses)

  • Evaluate all state projects (buildings, roads, highways, bridges, etc) for carbon footprint, and reject project designs with large negative carbon impacts.

  • Make solar economical, invest in a smart grid to  build resilience for emergency preparedness

  • Build a green career pipeline by investing deeply in agriculture, green technology, and renewable energy training programs that are pathways for both young people and adults. 

  • Protect our communities from toxic pollution including in a our water, soil, and air by  strengthening environmental regulations on businesses

  • Create legislation mandating the state reach net-zero emissions by electrifying all state-owned vehicles, making all state-owned buildings 100% renewable energy, and installing state-owned public charging stations around the state.

Criminal Justice System Reform

  • Legalize Marijuana and leverage revenue to fund public education and workforce development programs.

  • Invest in alternatives to incarceration 

  • Eliminate the Serious Juvenile Offenders status in the state of Wisconsin  

  • Strengthen the public defender's program by providing comparable resources such as free childcare to staff 

  • Eliminating the LGBTQ panic defenses in Wisconsin​​

    • The law states that defendants cannot assert adequate provocation or self-defense if the criminal act resulted from the discovery of, knowledge of, or potential disclosure of the victim’s gender identity or expression or sexual orientation.

  • Ensuring ongoing support for a statewide Office of Violence Prevention 

  • End crimeless revocation

  • End prisoner exploitation by increasing wage requirements for incarcerated individuals 


  • Building a state welcoming to immigrants by fighting to ensure equitable access for immigrants to healthcare, higher education, affordable housing, and all other state benefits, that individuals already invest in with their taxes

A New Democracy

  • Support Ranked Choice Voting or Instant-Runoff Voting 

    • Voters rank the candidates by their preference—first choice, second choice, etc.

  • Make voting easy as possible by having automatic voter registration, making election day a holiday and/or making absentee/mail in ballot easier to use by providing ample drop boxes

  • Hold monthly meetings in the community and with policy advisors